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AST 7016

An automatic cash in-cash out recycling unit, the AST 7016 is designed to meet the requirements of financial institutions, or retail, with high volume of recycled banknotes.

Equipped with 16 drums with a capacity of up to 500 US banknotes each, this unit offers the most capacity and flexibility available on the market, and can handle and recycle up to 8,000 US banknotes.

  • With exceptionally high capacity, the AST 7016 is ideal for backoffice applications to be used by several operators.
  • Banknote recognition is performed by CIMA’s sensor BV 5000 bill validator; incorporating the most advanced technologies including: magnetic, infrared, fluorescence, ultraviolet, visible light.
  • Multi-currency operation mode makes it perfect for any background.
  • Extremely compact maintenance footprint due to modular system with two separate internal frames.
  • Remarkable reduction of the teller’s working time both in deposit and withdrawal stages; high transaction speed:
    6 banknotes per second.
  • High security level allows for open branch design.
  • Real time update of balances, and cash-in-hand.
  • Potential to return the last deposit made.
  • Considerable reduction with cash-in-hand within the branch.
  • Software and hardware for the management of alarms and security locks.

The AST 7016 offers the capability to convert to an 8-roller, AST 7008 with the plug and play module, allowing the user to replace an 8-drum frame with a frame carrying a CIT bag.