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AST 9000

The AST 9000 is an all-new cassette-based, cash-in,
cash-out teller cash recycler (TCR) from CIMA. 
Designed with high performance in mind for retail environments/bank branches where cash processing volumes are high. The AST9000 ensures security, reliability and significantly faster cash processing times to deliver major operational efficiencies and productivity benefits.

AST 9000 accepts, authenticates, stores and dispenses banknotes through a conveniently located high capacity input/output/reject slot.  Recycling and storage are accomplished via a series of highly configurable cassettes.

AST 9000 is equipped with five (5) scalable cash boxes/cassettes with a range of flexible options and features:
  • Single denomination recycling cassette
  • Dual denomination recycling cassette
  • Deposit only cassette
  • Self-auditing cassette
AST 9000's compact size and footprint with an aesthetically pleasing look and ideal ergonomics make it an excellent solution for the retail back office environment or for bank branches.