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Increase Teller Efficiency with High Speed Coin Recycling

CLS Coin Recycler from CPI
High Speed Coin Recycling: Lowering the cost of cash management

  • Fast bulk coin loading improves operational efficiency
  • Recycling ability replenishes hoppers, requiring fewer refills
  • Double locking, fully enclosed system secures the coins and minimizes shrink
  • Compact footprint enables a variety of applications

  • Accelerate customer throughput. Faster transactions. 50 coins in, 10 coin per second acceptance. Expedite customers along the payment and transaction process.
  • Design flexibility. The compact dimensions of the CLS provides flexibility and minimizes real estate.
  • Maximize Uptime. The high capacity of the CLS reduces the need for refilling and teller intervention.
  • Enhanced Security.  Fully enclosed, dual-locking system keeps coins secure.
  • Recycle up to 8 different coins. The CLS has double and triple size hoppers if you need to recycle fewer denominations.