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CashTrans Shares the Value of "Must" Service: Instant Card Issuance


One of the top Member Services is Instant Card Issuance...
Almost everyone who uses debit cards has had to secure a new card due to loss or damage!

Collegedale, TN - Studies clearly show how important serving your members is to achieving high member satisfaction especially when there is an urgent service need such as replacing a member's debit card.

"Our members are delighted with this new service which is provided in conjunction with Entrust Datacard and our core processor.  Assisting us in a major way during the entire decision process and complex implementation was the CashTrans consulting team out of Atlanta,"  stated Joy Traxler, CFO.  "Just within the first month, we have successfully replaced dozens of cards in a smooth and seamless manner, and they are ready for use! Ms. Traxler continues.

Collegedale Credit Union serves a growing membership within the Collegedale, Tennessee community. They have just launched an instant issue debit card solution that provides real-time issuance within the main office for new members, as well as members that have lost a card, or are in need of a replacement card.  Financial institutions across the southeast should consider offering instant card issuance as a "must" service to their customers.

Vita Lansworth is an Authorized Distributor for Entrust Datacard's Instant Issuance solution.