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Scalable Deposit Module

NCR ATM technology includes envelope-free ATM deposits, called Scalable Deposit Module (SDM), so consumers can deposit both cash and checks through a single deposit slot and with a single transaction. Deposits at the ATM are faster and easier.

With SDM, a typical consumer deposit of five bank notes and two checks takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

In addition, SDM improves the experience for small and medium businesses. On average the small business owner deposits between 12-20 checks and/or 25-30 notes per transaction. SDM ATM technology, particularly when combined with a personalized 'My favorite transaction' feature at the ATM, makes their daily deposits quick and hassle-free. They no longer need to stand in line for a teller, or even schedule their deposits during branch hours delivering a much more convenient service as well as real-time, online credit, that helps improve their cash flow.

  • Envelope-free ATM machines

  • Fast and easy ATM deposits

  • Cash and checks go in one slot simultaneously

  • Intuitive to service

  • Improved branch efficiency

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