Vita Lansworth delivers best-in-class CIMA Teller Cash Recyclers to Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Four CIMA Teller Cash Recyclers successfully deployed

MINNEAPOLIS, MN [June 15, 2021] – Vita Lansworth, an entity of Lansworth Enterprise Solutions, has entered into partnership to distribute CIMA Teller Cash Recyclers to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

In an effort to bring greater teller efficiencies to their banking sector, a Bahamian-owned business sought out the CIMA Teller Cash Recycler as a proven and affordable solution.  Entering into a partnership with Vita Lansworth has provided the opportunity to bring the CIMA product line into the country, where CIMA had no prior footprint.

Around the world, CIMA TCR’s make the process of depositing and withdrawing cash at a bank teller simple and fast.  To ensure a successful implementation, a new currency template was built for the Bahamian dollar (BSD) at the CIMA Cash Handling headquarters in Mirandola, Italy.  As part of the implementation, Vita Lansworth’s Technical Support Engineer, delivered on-site service technician training and bring live support.

“This project was a fantastic example of true collaboration between Vita Lansworth, CIMA Italy, and CIMA America to deliver a cost-effective cash handling solution to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  I am delighted by the teamwork and to have a mutual customer in the Bahamas now.  This adds to our long list of countries where our cash handling solutions are deployed,” said Vik Devjee, Vice President of CIMA America.  “We are excited to have built this partnership, and look forward to working with the team to continue to grow the CIMA footprint in the Bahamas banking sector,” said Tom Oden, President of Vita Lansworth.


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