Wayne County Treasurer’s Office Reaps Benefits of Rolled Storage Module Technology By Deploying Eight (8) CIMA Teller Cash Recyclers

Wayne County Treasurer’s Office Reaps Benefits of Rolled Storage Module Technology By Deploying Eight (8) CIMA Teller Cash Recyclers

MINNEAPOLIS, MN [March 31, 2022]

Vita Lansworth is pleased to announce the sale and installation of eight (8) CIMA Teller Cash Recyclers at the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office (WCTO) in Detroit, Michigan.

The county government office was seeking to replace outdated competitor cash dispensers, as well as a replacement of recently installed competitor TCR’s that caused a costly workflow issue to their end-of-day settlement process.

WCTO sought out the CIMA rolled storage module technology for the ability to settle exactly down to the dollar. With no overflow or reject bin, notes are deposited, counted, withdrawn, or plainly rejected. WCTO was looking to replace their existing solution due to a “diverter” function that would reject imperfect bank notes to a separate bin, so the rejected notes are not dispensed as change to customers. Dealing with rejected bank notes and having to replace the diverted bills at the end of the day, was a timely and costly process that did not work for their operation.

WCTO had a long-term partnership with AvivaTech (formerly Benchmark Technology Group) utilizing their CashWare cash automation software and wanted to maintain the efficiencies and consistency for their cashiers. CIMA Teller Cash Recyclers are certified to operate on the CashWare platform which made the hardware an ideal solution as their cashiers would not have to learn a new system.

After a comparison of CIMA models and successful deployment of a demo unit, WCTO management made the decision to purchase 8 CIMA TCR unit’s which included seven (7) of the AST7016’s and one (1) AST70000-NT5. The 7016/7000’s were selected as WCTO preferred a solution that did not capture internally rejected bank notes. Management was sold on the track record and dependability of CIMA machines. Tom Oden, President of Vita Lansworth stated, “County and local government are subject to many of the same cash handling challenges financial institutions face to improve efficiency and security, as well as reducing labor costs. We are excited the CIMA solution was able to resolve the process issues Wayne County faced with a competitor solution and look forward to building the CIMA footprint in the government sector.”

Vita Lansworth’s CIMA Service and Technical Expert, Marcus Bauer, oversaw the onsite installation and bring live of each unit. “Lansworth provided first class service. The Lansworth team supervised the installation and did not leave until the process was complete,” stated Carl Stafford, Interim Deputy Treasurer – Financial Services, Office of Wayne Country Treasurer.

Stafford also added, “The machines function great, and have not disappointed WCTO, plus our cashiers enjoy using them.” WCTO has experienced a substantial decrease in overtime expense attributed to not having to deal with the diverted bills, resulting in reduced labor costs. Added Stafford, “It is very rare that anything goes wrong with the CashWare software. Complex customization to software was necessary, and it works well for our operation.”

WCTO has 15 cashier stations and 8 TCR’s. One of the functions of WCTO is to collect delinquent taxes on behalf of 43 municipalities within Wayne County, Michigan. During high volume periods, WCTO services 500-700 taxpayers per day and over 1,500 separate transactions. WCTO accepts cash, checks and credit cards.

About Wayne County Treasurer’s Office

The Wayne County Treasurer’s Office, a department within Wayne County, is committed to providing superior customer service and increasing returns on financial investments while embracing new technologies. We strive to reduce delinquencies and prevent foreclosures of owner-occupied homes for the stabilization of neighborhoods. Wayne County Treasurer’s Office staff, along with community partners, will educate and empower taxpayers while treating everyone with dignity and respect. https://www.waynecounty.com/elected/treasurer/

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